Online Writing Instruction (OWI) Composition Faculty Learning Community

September 28, 2018, 11:00 AM to December 14, 2018, 12:30 PM

This fall’s Students as Scholars faculty learning community (FLC) will focus on online writing instruction (OWI). The purpose of this learning community is to train faculty to teach online and hybrid sections of ENGH 302 that meet the best practices established by the CCCC Position Statement.

The stipend, paid at the end of the fall semester, is $1000.

The OWI Learning Community will meet on Fridays from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm. Each session lasts 90 minutes. See the schedule below for the dates.**

**I am open to modifying these dates/times if the participants agree to reschedule them. We will also have at least one virtual meeting.

The OWI Learning Community is open to all adjunct and term faculty who have taught ENGH 302. Preference goes to faculty who have never taught online or hybrid versions of the course.

To be paid the stipend, faculty must complete all the learning community requirements (see below) and be prepared to develop and teach a fully online or hybrid version of ENGH 302 in spring 2019.

• Attend all meetings, both f2f and virtual
• Complete the readings relevant to each topic and be prepared to discuss them f2f and in online discussion forums
• Design and peer review one orientation module and two instructional modules for an online or hybrid version of ENGH 302.

Support and review of an entire course design provided to participants in January 2019 prior to the beginning of the spring semester. Don’t worry—we won’t throw you in the deep end and walk away. :-)

Those interested in participating in this learning community should email Jessie Matthews at by Friday, September 21. 


MEETING ONE Friday, September 28
• Introductions & Overview of the Faculty Learning Community
• Teaching Where You’re Not: The Challenge of Teaching Writing Online

MEETING TWO Friday, October 12
• Theory and Practice of OWI

MEETING THREE Friday, October 26
• Developing Instruction for Asynchronous Learning Environments for OWI
• Accessibility of OWI Instruction

MEETING FOUR Friday, November 2
• Collaborative Learning in OWI

MEETING FIVE Friday, November 16
• Writing to Teach Online and Establishing Faculty Presence

MEETING SIX Friday, November 30
• Providing Feedback in OWI and Faculty Presence

MEETING SEVEN Friday, December 14
• Peer Review of Participant Content Development
• Next Steps: Developing an Online or Hybrid ENGH 302 section