Waiver of English 101

General Information

English 101 is a prerequisite for all English general education requirements. You may seek a waiver for this course through an exam administered by the English Department.

Who is Eligible?

Any enrolled or new admitted student whose Freshman Composition requirement is not already met, in progress, or exempt by Mason is eligible for the exam.

This means that any student is eligible if they have not:

  • transferred in an equivalent course to ENGH 100/101 from another university
  • already completed or attempted ENGH 100/101 or are not currently taking the course
  • received the AP score required to receive an ENGH 101 waiver
  • previously taken the ENGH 101 exam

Note: Students who have completed an AA or AS degree in the Virginia Community College system or have earned a B.A. or B.S. degree should check with their advisers, as they may already be exempt.


Registration is required.  Please send an email to sremicks@gmu.edu with your full name, G# and the date and time you plan to attend.  

You are responsible for confirming the exam date, time, and location once you are registered. You will receive notifications of cancellations, room changes and notification of when results have been distributed. You may also call 703-993-1162 or email sremicks@gmu.edu.

It is the policy for George Mason University to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified persons with disabilities.  If you need assistance or accommodations, please let Stacey Remick-Simkins know as soon as possible. 

You can only register for one exam.

Description of the Exam

This is an optional three-hour skills assessment essay exam. It is one option for completing the ENGH 101 general education requirement.  You do not need to complete the exam to register for the course.

You will be required to complete a student agreement form which states that:

  • This is an optional exam
  • Taking the exam does not guarantee a waiver
  • If I receive a waiver, it will only appear in my degree evaluation in patriotweb (I do not receive credit hours and my GPA is not effected).
  • Exam results are sent via Mason email only.
  • You are responsible for contacting Stacey Remick-Simkins (sremicks@gmu.edu) if you do not receive your results.
  • You are responsible for having an alternative registration plan in the event you receive a no-pass since the committee does not consider registration deadlines or graduation deadlines when reviewing exams.
  • If you receive a no-pass, you cannot retake the exam.

What to Bring

You should bring a pen or pencil to sign your honor code agreement and your GMU student ID.

You may not bring smartphones, laptops, tablets or other aids.  You may bring a hard copy dictionary. You will not be able use the internet or email.

Notification of Results

Students will be notified of the results of their exam only via George Mason email. Results are not left on voicemail. Summer exam results (exams administered between June 1 and August 25) are not returned until the Friday before the fall semester begins. Spring and fall exam results are issued within a month of the exam.

What do Results Mean?

If you pass the exam, you will receive a waiver for ENGH 101 but will not receive three credits. Your waiver will appear only in your degree audit. If you receive a no-pass, you cannot retake the exam. You will be required to complete the course.

Exam FAQs

* Does the exam cost? No, there is no cost for taking the exam and you do not pay tuition if you receive the waiver.

How often is the exam scheduled? They are scheduled only a few times each semester at Loudoun, Science & Technology and Fairfax campuses each semester.  The schedule is posted at this site.

* Does this waiver replace my C or lower grade if I pass? Since there is no grade or credit hours awarded, this will not have any impact on your previous grade or your GPA.

* Does a CLEP exam from another school make me eligible for a waiver? We do not accept CLEP or any other waiver scores for equivalent courses from other institutions.