Waiver of English 101

This exam allows students to demonstrate the writing proficiencies and rhetorical awareness equivalent to that of a student who has successfully completed ENGH 100 or ENGH 101.  It is one option for completing the ENGH 100 or 101 (Lower Level Written Communication) Mason Core requirement.  You do not need to complete the exam to register for an ENGH 101 (or 100) course.

You will be required to complete a student-agreement-form which states that:

  • This is an optional exam
  • Taking the exam does not guarantee a waiver
  • If I receive a waiver, it will only appear in my degree evaluation in PatriotWeb (I do not receive credit hours and my GPA is not affected).
  • Exam results will be posted to the exam Blackboard site 1-2 weeks after the exam closes, but the Registrar/Degree Compliance office does not always process exemptions quickly.  This means that:
    • Summer exam results will not be available in time for students to add a Fall ENGH 101 class.
    • Students who pass the exam and receive a waiver may not have their waiver processed in time for the next semester's registration (this is out of the English Department's control)
    • Students should plan ahead and take the ENGH 101 exam right away if they do not have credit for ENGH 100/101 and want to exempt out.
  • Exam results notifications are only sent to GMU email and posted to the exam site.
    • You are responsible for contacting Stacey Remick-Simkins (sremicks@gmu.edu) if you do not receive your results.
  • If you receive a no-pass, you cannot retake the exam and must enroll for ENGH 101 (or ENGH 100).

Exam FAQs

* Does the exam cost? No, there is no cost for taking the exam and you do not pay tuition if you receive the waiver.

* Who is eligible to take the exam? Currently enrolled and newly admitted students are eligible if they have not: already attempted (or withdrew from), completed, or transferred in credit for ENGH 101 (or 100); already taken the exam; received a waiver by IB, AP, or other exam.

* How often is the exam scheduled? They are scheduled online during a 2-3 week period.  The schedule is posted on this site. Exams will not be offered outside of the posted exam dates.

* Does a CLEP exam from another school make me eligible for a waiver? We do not accept CLEP or any other waiver scores for equivalent courses from other institutions.