Waiver of English 302

Portfolio Submission Information for Academic Year 2019-2020

We are not accepting portfolios at this time.  Submission dates and deadlines will be revised as soon as Mason returns to a normal schedule.

General Information

Any student that meets eligibility requirements may apply for a waiver of English 302.  Students need to present writing samples that demonstrate proficiency equal to that of students who have successfully completed English 302 and pass a two-hour written essay exam.  Students must write the essay exam within six months from the date of notification of eligibility.

You must receive a pass on your portfolio to be eligible for the exam.  You must pass the exam to be awarded the waiver. Please see the ENGH 302 FAQs page for more information.

Please submit your portfolio to Stacey Remick-Simkins in Robinson B413.  If you have questions, please email her at sremicks@gmu.edu.