FAQs for 302 Waiver

1.  How long is the process?

The portfolio reading may take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. You will be notified of your results by GMU email only.  If you become eligible for the exam, expect at least an additional month from the time that you schedule your exam before you are notified of the final result.

2.  What if I receive a no-pass on my portfolio?

You will be ineligible for the exam and will be required to take the course.  All results are final.

3.  What if I receive a no-pass on the exam?

You will ineligible to retake the exam or resubmit a portfolio.  You will be required to take the course.  All results are final.

4.  Is there a way to prepare for the exam?

There is no way to prepare for the exam since it is a skills assessment exam.

5.  Do I receive credit if I am awarded the waiver?

You will not receive credit hours.  Your waiver will appear in your degree audit only and will have no effect on your grades or GPA.  You will meet the ENGH 302 requirement for the purposes of your degree here at Mason.

6.  Can I still submit a portfolio if I am taking a prerequisite at the time of submission or if I am missing any of the requirements?

You must have all of the prerequisites completed to be eligible to submit.  If you are missing any of these, you are not eligible to submit.  

7.   Are there exceptions made for graduation or other  deadlines?

Portfolios are read as they are received.  No exceptions are made for deadlines.  It is assumed that the student has an alternative registration plan in the event that a waiver is not awarded.  

8.  Where do I submit my portfolio?

Submit a complete portfolio to Stacey Remick-Simkins in Robinson B413.  An incomplete portfolio will be returned and will delay the review.  She can be reached at sremicks@gmu.edu.