• Laura A Ewing

    Laura A Ewing

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intercultural technical communication, digital communication, professional and technical writing

  • Douglas Eyman

    Douglas Eyman

    Associate Professor

    Classical and contemporary rhetorical theory, digital rhetoric, digital scholarship and electronic publication, web authoring and design, technical and scientific writing



  • Donald R Gallehr

    Donald R Gallehr

    Associate Professor

    brain research and the teaching of writing; portfolio assessment; writing and meditation

  • Rosalind Raymond Gann

    Rosalind Raymond Gann

    Adjunct Faculty

    The language/rhetoric interface; English composition for second language learners; academic English acquisition; international teaching.

  • Ariel M Goldenthal

    Ariel M Goldenthal

    Assistant Professor

  • Kellie M. Gray

    Kellie M. Gray

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    digital rhetoric, professional writing, emoji, circulation, critical code studies

  • Kristine Marie Gussow

    Kristine Marie Gussow

    Adjunct Faculty

  • John Carl Guthrie

    John Carl Guthrie

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Anna Sophia Habib

    Anna Sophia Habib

    Associate Professor

    multilingual writing, trauma studies, writing in the disciplines

  • Julia Holcomb

    Julia Holcomb

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Billy Howell

    Billy Howell

    Assistant Professor

    Writing and Rhetoric; Creative Nonfiction & Fiction; Narrative Rhetorics; Prose Analysis; Modernist & Utopian Literature; Spatial Semiotics; Deconstruction & Hauntology

  • Virginia A Hoy

    Virginia A Hoy


  • Jiwoong Hyun

    Jiwoong Hyun

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Sarah Johnson

    Sarah Johnson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Writing and rhetoric: composition pedagogy, mindfulness meditation, writing centers, antiracist writing assessment, translingualism.

  • Joyce P. Johnston

    Joyce P. Johnston

    Adjunct Faculty

    Digital intellectual property, online civility, online instructional design, oral response to student writing



  • Justin Lafreniere

    Justin Lafreniere

    Short Fiction, Experimental Fiction, Novel and Novella Writing

  • Susan Lawrence

    Susan Lawrence

    Associate Professor

    Writing center theory and practice, research methods, discourse analysis

  • Stephanie L. Liberatore

    Stephanie L. Liberatore

    Assistant Professor

    Composition and Creative Nonfiction

  • Lisa Lister

    Lisa Lister

    Assistant Director


    First year composition, teacher development, scholarship of teaching and learning




  • Ben Orlando

    Ben Orlando

    Assistant Professor

    conversations in academic writing



  • Psyche Z Ready

    Psyche Z Ready


    Writing Instruction, Information Literacy, Women's Literature, Gender Studies, Folklore

  • E Shelley Reid

    E Shelley Reid


    Associate Professor

    faculty development, composition and rhetoric, writing program administration, writing pedagogy education

  • Paul M. Rogers

    Paul M. Rogers

    Associate Professor

    My primary research interests revolve around the development of writing abilities across the lifespan, with an emphasis on instruction and feedback, and the relationship of writing to knowledge production and social innovation.

  • Mark Rudnicki

    Mark Rudnicki

    Assistant Professor


  • Randa Saad Awad Saad

    Randa Saad Awad Saad

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Catherine E. Saunders

    Catherine E. Saunders


    19th-century American literature, with particular focus on works by women and African-Americans; the novel; the antislavery movement; digital humanities; open educational resources; writing in and about the disciplines.

  • James E Savage

    James E Savage

    Assistant Professor

    multilingual education, composition, public rhetoric, qualitative research

  • Margaret Scolaro

    Margaret Scolaro


  • Laura Ellen Scott

    Laura Ellen Scott


  • Amanda Stack

    Amanda Stack

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Creative nonfiction, personal essay, memoir, flash nonfiction, travel writing, journalism, epilepsy, epileptic colonies, the Eugenics movement, Buck v. Bell, addiction, genetics & inheritance, stigma, fertility & menstruation, prison systems, gender studies, feminist theory, conflict resolution, and so on.

  • Emily R C Staudt

    Emily R C Staudt

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Dominique Nicole Swann

    Dominique Nicole Swann

    Adjunct Faculty

    Composition, Cultural Studies, African & African American Studies


  • Dean Taciuch

    Dean Taciuch


  • Art Taylor

    Art Taylor

    Associate Professor

    short stories; crime, mystery, and suspense fiction; book reviews.

  • Kenneth Thompson

    Kenneth Thompson


    Literature and popular culture, history of technology and business.


  • John P Walter

    John P Walter

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    digital rhetoric, theories and histories of rhetoric, composition pedagogy, technical communication, digital humanities, digital curation, rhetorics and poetics of memory, media ecology, medieval rhetorics and poetics

  • Courtney Adams Wooten

    Courtney Adams Wooten

    Assistant Professor

    Writing Program Administration, Feminist Rhetorics, Composition